From cosmopolitan cities to incredible mountain landscapes and spanning more than 3000 miles between west and east coasts across 50 states, America is certainly a diverse and exciting language destination for young travellers looking for a language holiday in the US!

Why you should want to travel to USA?

Homestay programmes mean living in a real home, with a real family for the duration of your stay.

Homestay accommodation allows us to introduce America in a genuine true-to-life way, not only are you meeting the local people and experiencing the local culture, you are living with and in it! It gives you the unique opportunity to develop your language skills surrounded by those who speak it. 

Xplore homestay programmes are located in laid-back, open and welcoming communities where there are a variety of downtown shops and cafes to discover.

Every homestay family is personally recruited, screened and selected by Xplore and all of our families provide a true American cultural experience where English is the primary language spoken in the home. Our families are caring and will quickly help you to feel more comfortable and secure.

host family

Family homes in the US vary in size, with some houses being quite large and some will be smaller and compact, but all homes are very comfortable and inviting.

For the benefit of our students and host families we like to keep our homestay programmes small. This allows us to provide an exclusive format with intensive supervision and care.