Want to travel abroad?

Travel abroad with Xplore

Choosing to travel abroad on your own, without your parents, is a huge decision and can be a defining experience for many. Here at Xplore, we can provide the perfect summer trip that allows you to not only experience a new country but also the opportunity to learn a new language at the same time.

Countries you can travel to

Why should I travel abroad?

Travelling to a different country on your own, without your parents, is a very rewarding and an invaluable experience.

By travelling by yourself you gain insight into different cultures, communities and most importantly, surround yourself with the language. You also leave with lots of new skills and increased confidence.

It may be the first time that you are going abroad without your parents and this can be daunting but the friendly team at Xplore are always here to support you.

Xplore offers junior students aged 8 to 17 a wide range of study travel opportunities to teach, improve and immerse yourself in the English language and harness the value of international exposure.

Activities you can do

What are the benefits of travelling abroad?

The students gain new skills through their experiences that are invaluable for their future. Travelling abroad gives them insights into different cultures and allows for a better understanding of others and teaches teamwork skills.

By travelling abroad on their own the students gain a wide range of new skills and make lots of new friends all from different backgrounds and nationalities. It also allows them to learn a new language while being surrounded by native speakers.

Being an independent organisation, we are able to give our customers a personal and dedicated service. This personalised approach has seen many of our students come back and book with us year after year.

Languages you can learn

Countries you can travel to

Thousands of students have had an amazing adventure…


Where can I go?

At Xplore, we offer a variety of different programmes. Our camps are located in various locations across the UK, the USA, Germany and Ireland. Additionally, we offer study abroad programmes in various locations across different countries with our MyChoice High School Programme, and our short term immersion programmes.

What ages are camps suitable for?

Each of our camps are suited for a different age range to make meeting new friends really easy. We offer a range of English levels at each camp in line with the typical age of students there. Each student will take a placement test on their first day to ensure they are being placed in the most appropriate class for their ability. Although we have set age ranges for each camp, we can sometimes be flexible so please contact us if there is a camp you’re really interested in but might be a couple of months older or younger. Ages start from 8 years old at Camp Langley, to 17 years old at Camp Framlingham.

Pricing / costs?

All our camps are all-inclusive, meaning that transfers, accommodation, board, organised activities and excursions, language lessons, supervision and travel insurance are all included. We do offer the opportunity to add additional specialist ‘English Plus’ courses at certain camps, which are optional.

  • England
      • For 2-weeks in England during the summer, prices start at £1515
  • Germany
      • For 2 weeks at Camp Inzell in Bavaria, the price is €1,750
  • USA
    • Programmes in the US range from 3 weeks to 5 weeks and start from $2,110 

Where would I be staying?

All of our camps boast onsite accommodation. Some of our study abroad programmes also offer the opportunity to live with a local host family. 

What’s included?

Our programme includes:

  • Airport transfers from our selected airports when students arrive/depart at specified times
  • 14 nights accommodation
  • Full board (special diets can be catered for on request)
  • Saturday or Sunday arrivals/departures for groups
  • English language classes
  • Experience teaching staff (including CELTA/TEFL certified teachers)
  • Course materials
  • Progress reports
  • Internationally recognised qualification according to CEFR – Common European Framework for Reference for Languages (A1 to C2) 
  • Multi-activity sessions
  • Excursions (include transfers, lunch and entrance fees)
  • 24-hour care and supervision
  • Endsleigh Travel Insurance 

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If you need more information to find the right camp, keep taking a look through the website or if you have any questions about our language camps, activities or exchange opportunities, please get in touch with us.