Learn German

German is a growing language, gaining more and more popularity for young people to learn.

Travelling to Germany, being surrounded by native German speakers to develop German language skills whilst being supported in English can really support teenagers’ education. For teenagers, going to camp in the summer is also focused is on meeting like minded teens from around the globe, exploring and experiencing the new surroundings, city attractions and sights on offer at their chosen destination.

With an Xplore camp, we provide both! Our camps offer the opportunity to learn German naturally through immersion with native speakers as well as being surrounded by other like-minded young people who are there to build friendships and make memories.

We use different teaching approaches suitable to age range and ability level in order to create the best learning environment for everyone. This alongside our own teaching material that has been specifically designed in line with our interactive and modern style of language learning, allows our students to improve their German language skills in a fun and unpressured environment.

Learn German

There are plenty of reasons why learning another language is important, and why studying abroad is amazing.

Learning through Experience

We believe that through our unique approach of combining activities, sports, social immersion, culture and structures language lessons; we are providing the best language-learning environment by providing lots of opportunities to focus on the four key communication elements of listening, reading, speaking and writing that make learning another language possible.

Get Active

Being outside is a brilliant way to get some fresh air, have lots of laughs and exercise the brain. Whether it is an adventure activity or taking part in one of our English Plus courses, each day, our teenagers find they have plenty to talk about with their new friends!

Cultural Immersion & Social Interaction

During each programme we discover local traditions and culture by visiting nearby cities and tourist attractions that offer brilliant sightseeing opportunities. As well as spending time making memories with new friends, these excursions aim to encourage the use of language with native speakers in the real world.

Meeting and making new friends, not only teaches an appreciation of different cultures but also helps to develop a mutual respect and understanding for others. Being part of a diverse international community cat camp, in mixed nationality sessions builds self-confidence in communicating in a foreign language and with others.

Language Lessons

Spending time in the classroom allows us to underpin the academic learning of a language, however our classes are not like school lessons. Learning outcomes focus on pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and sentence structure and through a range of group activities and self study every learning style is catered for.

Thousands of students have learnt a new language, had an amazing adventure and learnt a lot on our exchange trips - take a look at a few below:

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