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Xplore offers unique programmes that let you learn a new language and explore and travel to a new country at the same time. With Xplores language learning courses, we aim to naturally improve your language proficiency in an engaging and rewarding environment.

Integration is key at Xplore – each of our programmes encourages constant interaction between different nationalities on campus or in the home, allowing students to experience the English language instead of just studying it. Along with learning a new language, you get to see a new country, partake in amazing activities and meet new friends.

Xplore also gives you the opportunity to live with a host family during your programme which allows you a unique insight into the country that you are living in from those who live there which further immerses you within the language.

Why should you learn a new language with Xplore?

By choosing to learn a language with Xplore, students are integrated within a mix of nationalities and native English-speaking leaders. This not only allows for them to be surrounded by speakers of the language but also they learn more about the world at the same time.

Studying abroad immerses you in the language that you are studying which allows you to pick up a new language much faster and more fluidly.

Our language courses are exciting, relevant and rewarding and we believe that When students study abroad, not only does learning a language come much more naturally but it also offers memorable cultural experiences to treasure forever.

The languages you can learn

The countries you can go to

The benefits of learning a language and studying abroad

We believe, that by surrounding students with different nationalities and languages, we are able to give them invaluable skills such as teamwork and awareness of others that they can use throughout their life.

Learning a new language is an invaluable skill that will open up a range of opportunities in the future.

Xplore’s language courses are accredited by ABLS and are taught using Anglia Examinations. Each student will receive the very best tailored learning experience.

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