Want to be active?

Want to have some fun and take part in some amazing activities in really beautiful countries?

Are you interested in having some fun and learning a language at the same time?

Xplore offers a range of activity camps that allow you to learn a language while being active and experiencing new places. Each one of our language and activity camps have lot’s of amazing activities that you can take part in all while making new friends and improving your language skills.

Get active and have fun at the same time!

Being outside is a brilliant way to get some fresh air, have lots of laughs and exercise the brain.

Whether it is an adventure activity or taking part in one of our English Plus courses, each day, our students find they have plenty to talk about with their new friends!

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Specialised Hobbies / Interest Activities

Combine the English language with getting involved in your favourite sport, hobby or even something completely new!

Our English Plus camps allow students to also participate in sessions dedicated to developing another sport or skills alongside their English language lessons.

We promote being active at camp through our standard programme of adventure activities in addition to our language lessons as it helps to support learning English in a relaxed and unpressured environment. With English Plus courses, instead of participating in the multi-activity programme, students can develop or learn new skills in their favourite sport or interest area.

Countries you can go to

Languages you can learn

Thousands of students have learnt a new language, had an amazing adventure and learnt a lot on our activity trips - take a look at a few below:

Take the next step

If you have found a course that you are interested in, booking is really easy. If you need more information to find the right course or have any questions about English Plus courses or the activities that we have on offer please don’t hesitate to get in touch.