Summer Camp

NEW FOR 2022: Exclusive summer camp provider for the F1 in Schools global STEM Challenge

The aim of this 2-week STEM challenge is to design, analyse, make, test, modify and then race a model F1 car. Seems straightforward? This course is so much more, in addition to applying science, students will also need to apply real life skills such as project management, teamwork skills, following instructions, speaking and listening skills
in English as well as recognising their own and others personal strengths.

Each course will cater for a maximum of 18 participants, allowing for 3 teams of 6 students. Each team will consist of a Team Project Manager, Manufacturing Engineer, Design Engineer, Graphic Designer and Resource Manager.

Course includes

The camp will be delivered in 3-hour sessions on 8 mornings or afternoons over the 2-weeks, totalling 24 hours for the course.

Following topics will be covered:

  • Research, design and make a model Formula 1 car

  • Analysis of what will impact the car’s performance, such as air resistance, gravity and air pressure

  • How to develop ideas through sketching, including;

    • Design features that will help the car go faster

    • Identifying causes that would slow the car

  • Styling the car

  • Testing the car’s performance and aerodynamic


Equipment Required

No equipment needed, this course is fully resourced.


Not interested in Motor Racing or STEM? This camp is still for you! It offers a fantastic opportunity for young adults to explore lots of valuable real-life transferrable skills in a fun, interactive summer camp environment.

2022 Dates and Prices