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Covid-19 Update

Due to the unprecedented situation regarding COVID-19 we are doing everything possible to work with our customers to ensure the best possible outcome for all concerned. At heart of this is keeping our customers, students and staff safe and well protected.
The global situation surrounding Covid-19 is changing daily and whilst we can not control what happens in the future we remain hopeful and look forward to welcoming students as soon as it is safe to do so and our Governments allow.

Independent Holiday Camps For Children and Teenagers


Xplore language camps are the perfect place for 8 to 17 year olds to independently experience a new country, meet new people and make new friends with other children and teenagers from around the world.

Throughout the year, we offer a range of study abroad language programmes, from short-term to long-term. Choose from a language holiday during the spring or summer holidays or a high school placement or immersion programme available during the academic year.

Our Philosophy

Language Development: We design all of our programmes with young learners in mind. Our teachers work from our own syllables to insure that every student has the same level of teaching across all of our programmes. We aim to create a stimulating environment for our language learners that supports, encourages and inspires them, all of which underpins our core value of language development.

Leadership and Communication: At Xplore we believe in developing from within. We value our staff as individuals and we support them in any training that we can. We believe in the same philosophy for all of the students who come to learn Engish. Every student is tested and joins a class according to his or her level. We make sure that every student feels supported and is given the opportunities to grow into leaders themselves.

Cultural Immersion: We use our cultural outings to ensure that students are getting as much exposure to the language as possible, alongside the language learning that happens in the classroom. Activities and friendships, along with our trips and excursions are the lasting memories of a students trip with Xplore, however we strive for the lasting effect of a students time with us, to be that of language development.

Social Interaction: All of our Xplore programmes give students the opportunity to meet others from around the world. Our team building and interactive activities are the best place to create new friendships and meet new people. Our classes are also built around this philosophy as we believe in communicative learning and encourage student-to-student interaction.

Local Integration: All of our excursion days are relevant and of interest to our language learners, our excursions also offer the possibility for some students to integrate with local students on and off campus, ensuring that at every opportunity our students are involved in their local surroundings.

By following these five core values in all of our Xplore programmes we ensure that both staff and students feel enriched, supported and empowered during their time with Xplore.

Don’t just take our word for it, here is what past students have said about their time with Xplore:

We focus on improving language skills through cultural integration & promoting global independence


Xplore language camps give students the independence to explore a new country and make memories with new friends by themselves, whilst being in a safe and secure environment. Meeting other nationalities can help students to develop respect, understanding and appreciation for different cultures.


Integration is key – our programmes encourage interaction between different nationalities and cultures on campus or in the family home. We offer a wide range of immersion opportunities in all our programmes – from cultural excursions to authentically living with a local family.


We maximise our students’ English language skills by encouraging communication in a social and fun environment as well as through engaging TEFL lessons.